A selection from our premium sunbed range

Sun Angel

The most advanced and powerful sunbed in the World with no risk of sunburn. The Sun angel tanning bed gives you and amazing tan every time.

The Sun Angel sunbed is completely unique. Each client’s skin is analyzed (through the skin scanner) before sessions which means a tanning session that is programmed specifically for your skin tone and type.

Unlike conventional tanning machines the UVA and UVB are blended (increased or decreased) according to your skin type, which provides a flawless, tailored tan.

The analysis not only takes account of your skin tone, but will also register any recent UV exposure. The result is a perfect, natural and longer lasting tan in absolute comfort and luxury virtually eliminating the risk of over-exposure.

Since the intensity of the lamps is controlled by your skin type, the Sun Angel provides a fixed 20 minute session, the time it takes 93% of Europeans to get a perfect tan. This means you get instant results that last like never before.

Bed Features

  • Unique Skin Scanner Technology
  • MP3/ USB Music Support (plug your phone in and play your own music)
  • 52 UV lamps and 4 ultra performance facial tanners
  • Neck and shoulder boosters for no uneven tan marks
  • Can control the amount of UV to the face from 0-100%
  • Aqua Mist Spray
  • Aroma Spray
  • Fully air conditioned
  • The large-format Body Shape base acrylic ensures a relaxing and comfortable tanning result.
  • The Sun Angel has a voice guide to lead the customer every step of the way during the tanning session, what could be easier??

KBL Megasun 7000 collagen booster

The KBL Megasun 7000 sunbed is a state of the art tanning bed which is equipped with pureSunlight and smartSunlight tubes, which will give you an ideal tan and a beautiful skin tone. The KBL Megasun 7000 is the powerhouse of the range and every outstanding feature of the sunbed can be controlled with a simple touch of the screen, just like your smartphone or tablet!


Using one of the most advanced software systems in sunbed tanning it provides a complete tanning solution to even the most experienced tanners.

It has the highest performing combination of pureSunlight and smartSunlight for an especially satisfying tanning result.

That’s not all the KBL7000 doesn’t just tan, with its Smart Light Technology (SLT) for the face and décolleté it combines sunlight and soothing beauty light in an innovative high pressure system. The result: Especially pleasant, gentle tanning, a beautiful skin appearance and a fresh glow.

Intelligent Control System (ICS)

Tanning with a special touch: The Intelligent Control System – this allows you to cater your tanning experience to you.

extraSunlight lamps

Vitamin D is essential! The best way to raise your levels is the exposure to sunlight. The one-of- a-kind extraSunlight lamps with an extra-high percentage of UVB ensure increased pigment development and vitamin D production.

Vibra Plate

At Totally Tanning we have a vibration plate fitted into one of our stand up sunbeds. So now you can tone your body while having one of our sunbeds. 10 minutes on a power plate in sunbed can burn up to 300 calories. It is the ultimate tan and tone experience.

The power plate can also be used on its own without the sunbed if required.

Power plates have many health benefits such as weight loss and toning, when this is used in conjunction with a sunbed it increases the amount of fat loss and also helps to bring the blood cells to the skins surface which results in a better tan.

Advantages of the virbra plate are:

  • Tone and tighten skin
  • Loose cellulite
  • Burn fat and build muscle
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Increase sense of wellbeing
  • Increase circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Increase flexibility

Megasun 6800 Alpha Deluxe

The 6800 Megasun offers superior tanning Power whilst you relax in style.

The 6800 is one of the largest sunbeds available it impresses in aesthetic design, incontestable performance, and extraordinary technology.

The user-friendly display pre Selection, on the outside of the solarium´s canopy provides the possibility of choosing an individual setting prior to every tanning session.

The six p2 tubes, provide the EXTRA amount of UVB. For a perfect tan, essential bio positive effects caused by Vitamin D production and the safe feeling of skin gentle tanning.

The new generation of 40 powerful Ruby Collagen-Booster LED’s brings an increase of hydration as well as revitalization, relaxation and detoxification of the skin. Dry skin be­longs to the past!

Bed Features:

  • Bluetooth and MP3 wireless music connection with volume control
  • Collagen Boosters
  • Pre-selection buttons on the bed canopy
  • Aqua Mist Spray
  • Aroma Spray
  • Can control the amount of UV to the face from 0-100%
  • Voice guide control
  • Fully air conditioned
  • Neck and Shoulder tanners for no uneven tan marks

Megasun 5800

Self-confident and energetic – striking and precise: that is the MegaSun 5800. Its proportions are dynamic and powerful, yet it remains elegant in the details. With its spacious interior, the MegaSun 5600 gives you a feeling of freedom.

With cooling fans located down the length of the canopy this further enhances the relaxing tanning experience of this sunbed

The bed boasts innovative internal reflectors, that gives an even better power distribution, a large multi-function display with clearly arranged instruments.

Clear forms, clear statements. Technological perfection!

Bed Features

  • EvoSystem 2 – A new kind of reflector system for intensive and even tanning in the facial area. Face the power
  • 50 UV lamps with 4 ultra power facial boosters
  • Fan Level Control
  • Voice Guide
  • Fully Air Conditioned

Megasun Space 2000

The Space 2000 is the latest vertical tanning sunbed from MegaSun. It has 50 tanning lamps in a 360 degree formation for perfectly even tanning results. It’s unique feature is it’s fantastic cooling system. The ventilation system is hidden out of the way so although allowing a fantastic cool breeze to blow across your body you hardly hear a thing.

The megaSun space 2000 sunbed shows itself in typical megaSun style: elegant, comfortable and fascinating. The innovative design convinces with high-quality materials and the intensive lighting.

Bed Features

  • 50 UV tanning lamps
  • Invisibly integrated ventilation system for low noise during tanning
  • Music system which allows customers smart phone to be plugged in and play their own music
  • Eye Catching Colour Changing design.

Megasun Space 3000

The Space 3000 is the slightly bigger brother of the Space 2000 and boasts 52 UV tanning lamps.

The Space 3000 is the epitome of design and performance, without any limits

The high-gloss white coating of the front panel enhances the lighting and exhibits the beds fascinating lighting effects.

Bed Features

  • 52 UV tanning lamps
  • Invisibly integrated ventilation system for low noise during tanning
  • Music system which allows customers smart phone to be plugged in and play their own music
  • Eye Catching Colour Changing design