Tanning Prices

At Totally Tanning we understand that everyone has different tanning needs. Therefore we offer you the flexibility to pay as you go or buy a course and use your minutes at your convenience.

It always works out cheaper to buy a course as we offer a discount and the larger the course you buy the more discount you get, bringing the price per min down to as low as 50p.

Pay as you go (Individual Sessions)

Stand up and lay down beds (from 4-20mins)  75p per min

MegaSun Collagen Booster                                       90p per min

Course Prices

MegaSun Collagen Booster 75min Block Course        £60.00

MegaSun Collagen Booster 120min Block Course      £90.00 

60 Min Block Course (66p per min)                                 £40.00

90 Min Block Course (61p per min)                                 £55.00

120 Min Block Course (58p per min)                               £70.00

240 min Block Course (50p per min)                               £120.00

All courses expire one year after purchase date