Health and Responsible Tanning

Customer Care comes first at Totally Tanning. Our reputation is built on the high level of customer care offered by our trained tanning professionals. Totally responsible approach to tanning and skin care exceeds the Health and Safety guidelines as produced by the U.K. Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Sunbed Associations code of practice of which we are members.

When You Visit Us

When you visit our Salon for the first time you will receive the following:

  • Free consolation from one of our tanning professionals to determine what skin type you are and the recommended tanning session time for you to tan safely.
  • Client registration card that you will have to complete some questions to determine your suitability for sunbeds with the help of one of our staff.
  • A quick tour of the shop to show all the different bed options we have available and then a thorough explanation of all the controls on the tanning bed you have chosen, so that you can fully utilize all of its features such as air conditioning, music channels, aqua mist spray and voice guide.

On every return visit to us you will can expect to the receive the following as standard:

  • A warm welcome from one of our staff
  • Free UV eye protection provided by Totally Tanning in the form of disposable wink-eaze or tanning goggles.
  • A free Totally Tanning personalized hand/face wipe with every tanning session.
  • A guarantee that the tanning equipment you use has been thoroughly cleaned by our staff before you use it as well as an inspection of the tanning room.
  • Premium branded deodorant provided in each room (Dove or Sure)
  • Access to the most up-to-date high tech sunbeds available, with a guarantee that our beds are inspected at minimum once a week by our maintenance team.
  • A guarantee that our tanning lamps are changed regularly and never exceed 80% of the manufacturers recommended life expectancy.

To ensure safe tanning and quality results The Tanning Shop advise. The following people are not permitted to use our UV tanning facilities:

  • Under 18 yrs old (ID will be required)
  • Pregnant Women
  • People who are currently under medical supervision
  • People who are on prescribed medication or take any form of drugs
  • Diabetics (alternatively can have a spray tan)
  • People who are hyposensitive or hypersensitive to light
  • Skin Type 1 (alternatively can have a spray tan)

The following people should seek medical advice before tanning, whether in the natural sun or using artificial tanning:

  • People who suffer from Epilepsy
  • Suffer from dizziness or fainting
  • Suffer from headaches or migraines
  • People who have a heart condition
  • Suffer from irregular blood pressure
  • People with hypotension
  • Any allergies or suffer with prickly heat
  • Anyone who has skin ulcers or sores
  • Moles that change appearance