Creams & Lotions

Why use a lotion?

  • Hydrates the skin prior to exposure to UV
  • Prolongs the length of your tan
  • Provides greater depth and richness in colour
  • Maximizes your tanning session
  • Accelerates the production of melanin
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tingle Creams can break through your tanning plateau to provide darker tanning results

We stock 3 different price ranges of tanning lotions: Basic, Advanced and Premium.

Feel free to pop in and try our creams to see which one is your favorite.

Basic From £2.50 per sachet
Advanced From £3.80 per sachet
Premium From £5.00 per sachet
Bottles range From £16.00 – £44.00

Sunbed Tanning Lotion Categories


Our most popular range. Go from brown to browner with these amazing non-tingle, dark tanning, ultra-moisturising formulas with increased hydration for darker color. They do not have any bronzers in them and are ideal for beginner to advanced tanners looking to maximse 100% of your tanning session


Ultimate browning capabilities in super, vitamin-rich, non-tingle, dark-tanning formulas that produce both instant and long-lasting color that can last up to 8 days. Sunbed lotions that contain a bronzer offer a much lower bronzing level than a standard bronzer/ fake tan lotion and are better referred to as containing a slight tint when compared to an off the shelf fake tan. These products are specially design for use in sunbed sessions and we have a wide range to choose from. They are fully suitable for both male and females and all levels of tanners looking for more instant results from a tanning session.


Tingle creams are either loved or hated by our customers, but are defiantly worth a try to see how you find the results. As the name suggests when applied the cream makes the skin slightly tingle. This is an immediate effect of the cream increasing oxygen to the skin and increasing blood flow, bringing the melamine to the skins surface. Melamine is what produces your tan so the more that is exposed to UV the browner you will go. Reddening will occur and then die down leaving you highly tanned and glowing with color.

Please note tingle creams should not be applied to the face they are for body application. We stock a wide range of intensity tingle creams and always recommend starting with a mild tingle cream when trying for the 1st time.

Tingle creams are for advanced tanners looking to go over their usual tanning plateau making them browner than they could possibly go before.