About Our Tanning Salons, Shenfield & Billericay

Totally Tanning is a tanning salon in Shenfield & Billericay, Essex offering the latest in technology, top of the range stand up and laydown UV sunbeds. We provide safe and responsible tanning facilities to help our customers achieve an amazing tan in a clean and friendly environment.

At Totally Tanning we only tube our sunbeds with the best UV tanning tubes on the market and we ensure that they are re-tubed on a monthly basis. Beware of salons offering cheap sunbeds who do not regularly maintain their beds and change their bulbs, as this can be dangerous.

We have 7 sunbeds in total 3 of which are laydown and 4 stand ups so you will not often have to wait to go on a bed.

Our salon is well staffed at all times, fully licensed by the local authority and we are members and regulated by the national sunbed association.

All of our tanning professionals are fully trained and qualified to provide a quick skin consultation/assessment to advise on the recommended tanning time for each individual in order to achieve the best tanning results without the risk of burning.

We strive for the highest level of customer service our staff are very friendly, approachable and are always willing to go above and beyond to meet your tanning experience.

We feel that once you visit our amazing salon you will immediately be impressed with the results and ensure that Totally Tanning is your number one choice for all your tanning needs.